Webinar: Xerox PrimeLink

LONDON - 15 & 29 April 2020 @ 9:30am


When business wakes up from the COVID-19 crisis, the professional services sector is going to be overwhelmed with pent-up demand. Lawyers, architects, design, marketing and more will be challenged to impress their clients and deliver the results. Image is everything! 

Equally, the commercial printer sector will be challenged to deliver new value, fast turn-arounds, and lowered costs. The production print team at Advanced UK believe the new Xerox PrimeLink represents a perfect opportunity to move print beyond a commodity, while giving the newest competitive edge business demands.

Xerox PrimeLink C9065 C9070 1000x1000-1

The Xerox PrimeLink is already taking the world by storm, and whether it's just the core unit which fits neatly in the corner of any office, or the fully extended system with creasers, folders, staplers and more, it's ready to deliver with fresh image enhancements and colours!

So now is the perfect time to plan the future of your business. Use the time to leverage our industry-leading expertise in production print, and understand how a modern light production press could form a key revenue-generating cornerstone for a revitalised industry. It's time to move beyond commodity!

Our WebEx has 3 key themes

ONE - Beyond commodity

Add value back into print, print embellishment, CMYK+, stock capability, and flexibility. This is what your customers want, and they're choosing their printer based on added value capabilities. Success demands more than mere copying. 

TWO - Automation

Understand the value automation across pre-press (web-2-print, FreeFlow core and workflow solutions), on the press (SIQA, colour management) and post press (finishing integration).

THREE - Invest with confidence

Xerox’ heritage, protect your investment, broadest portfolio and upgrade paths. Added to this, we have negotiated the most flexible financing options the industry has ever seen, so you can move forward now, and be ready as soon as business fires back up.

Register now!

Two sessions April 15 and April 29, 9:30am start

Register now, and choose your session. If you'd prefer an interactive 1:1 session, you can book this here too!

We look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Jason Bryant, Chris Hennessy, and the rest of the Advanced UK Production print team


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⏱ 5 Second Summary

Part of our Production Print Series

Prepare for the business recovery and be ready to offer the high-value services clients demand: production print is moving out of the mere commodity space.

Don't forget cyber security!

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