Kudos for Xerox as 'Smart MFPs come of age!

Xerox have done it again, this year scooping the KeyPoint Intelligence  / Buyer's Lab award for 'Line of the Year', noting that 'Smart' MFPs - multifunctional printers have truly come of age!.

As the original Xerox Platinum Partner in the UK, we've backed Xerox throughout our 30-years precisely because of their leadership: premium products, superior reliability, absolute security, and Xerox INNOVATION!  


Keypoint Intelligence BLI Awards 2020

It's true that this award isn't exactly the 92nd Academy Awards, but in the IT industry, where there are only a handful of innovators, originality has become scarce.

Xerox won the prestigious 2020 Imaging Software Line of the Year award. This is the sixth time in seven years Xerox has won this honour, with Keypoint describing the growing collection of Xerox- and partner-developed MFP apps as 'unmatched' in the industry.

"Xerox has assembled the best portfolio of apps, software, and services to help customers streamline critical business processes and leverage their investments in MFP hardware"

Keypoint's experts point out that apps and software solutions which boost productivity and improve access to information deliver the most noticeable return on investment, making them just as important as the MFP. As Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions/Security Analysis for Keypoint Intelligence wrote, "Xerox has assembled the best portfolio of apps, software, and services to help customers streamline critical business processes and leverage their investments in MFP hardware" 

Keypoint also awarded the Xerox App Gallery with its BLI 2020 Pick Award for Outstanding MFP App Ecosystem, recognising that our partner-developer programme and the App Studio encourages a steady stream of innovative and customised apps.

Quocirca agrees

The awards were made soon after respected industry analyst Quocirca predicted that 2020 will see the Smart MFP come of age as the trend to digital transformation continues. Quocirca commented that Xerox ConnectKey is the most mature Smart MFP platform on the market.

Xerox Logo

The study showed that Xerox has the strongest offerings overall in key software categories including Document Management and MFP Apps. Also pushing Xerox to the front of the pack is its robust Output Management lineup to help customers track, reduce, and recoup hardcopy costs. Xerox offers an impressive family of dedicated Workflow Automation Solutions, too, in its managed document services practice to help customers tackle critical processes such as HR onboarding, accounts payable/receivable, loan application processing, health records information management, and dozens more.

What is a 'Smart MFP', and what is ConnectKey?

Regular readers of this blog will already be familiar with ConnectKey: it's the unique workplace ecosystem conceived by Xerox to deliver a vast array of business productivity applications on the front panel of your printer. This transforms the office printer into a true digital workplace assistant.


Xerox MFP user interface


Think of ConnectKey as 'apps' like you have on your smart phone. With an extended library to chose from, you can translate documents, convert printed word to audio, interact with your cloud apps, or even complete expense reports by merely scanning your receipts. 

You might enjoy this article on how the Xerox ConnectKey Translate App is powered by artificial intelligence, or come to our webpage dedicated to introducing the ConnectKey apps.

You'll find Xerox ConnectKey apps available across the Xerox VersaLink and AltaLink ranges, from the modest Xerox C405 through to powerhouses such as the C8000 range. Follow the links to learn more!


Advance-UK is here to support you

At Advanced-UK, we have the pan-European experience to deliver and support the most sophisticated MFP fleets, and we'd be pleased to to help you explore these latest innovations.

Call us on 01895 811 811, or book an appointment via our LiveChat option in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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Keypoint Intelligence BLI Awards 2020

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Part of our Office Technology Series

As the original Xerox concessionaire and Platinum Partner, it's important to all of us at Advanced-UK to see our preferred brand win awards. Well, Xerox have done it again, opening 2020 with a Buyer's Lab Line of the Year award!

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