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Over three decades, Advanced UK has built an enviable reputation across the spectrum of the British legal industry, with clients ranging from the Supreme Court, barristers’ chambers, and law firms large and small.

From total print management through to integrated document automation systems to enhance your chosen practise management software suite, we even deliver solutions for security, compliance, process automation, and business continuity. Above all, we have industry specialists and we realise the battles you're fighting ... and we know how to help!

We Understand the Legal Industry Brochure Download Just like any commercial operation, your firm must be lean, agile, and highly cost efficient. You must also address the demands of the new generation of client for whom sustainability is a key consideration in selecting a firm. With Advanced UK, you can bring positive change.

 Post COVID-19, are you maximising the workflow, automation, and diversification options you need to strengthen your operations?


Your Digital Transformation Partner

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced sudden – and occasionally devastating – change upon the industry, affecting especially small to mid-sized firms.

Many firms have suffered through the changes to legal aid, while others have seen revenues decline from the pressure of leaner, more agile, solicitors operating with a lower cost base.

Clients are reporting changing attitudes to how clients purchase their legal services, with clients being persuaded by competitors who can demonstrate a credible environmental message.

Survival and growth now hinge on firms leveraging technology through a programme of ‘Digital Transformation’. It’s about taking a leaf out of the best of commerce and industry, lowering your cost base and maximising productivity.

You need a business partner familiar with the hurdles you face, and who has the diversity of solutions truly relevant to your industry. Remember, document lifecycle management is a key component, and outside the scope of most suppliers.

Throughout our long associate with the Supreme Court, we’ve proven ourselves through our innovation and attention to detail. We invest time to understand the challenges unique to each client, and we work together to create a framework for success.

Involve Advanced UK, and we’ll show you the scope of what can be achieved, and we’ll introduce you to initiatives which can make the entire process self-funding from the outset: many clients realise a near-instant ROI.

Independent, versatile, proven. That’s the Advanced UK advantage.


Our Depth of Experience

  • Cost reduction – from print costs to in-depth analysis of your expenditures, there’s almost no limit to the scale of your efficiency gains.
  • Right shoring – You know the cost of office-based staff, so what if you could reduce this by 40%? Right shoring is the solution.
  • RPA – process automation is more than cost efficiency: it delivers error reduction and works 24x7. It also doesn’t take sick days!
  • Business continuity – did 2020 highlight gaps in your business continuity planning? Our specialist team can help you and your clients with analysis, training, consulting and more.
  • Security & Compliance – from cyber security through to data protection and regulatory adherence, we have the solutions for you and your clients.


Advanced UK: Always Going Further

Our innovations are here to support your industry. For example, while the rest of the industry was locked down, we kept running because of the strength of our business continuity planning. 

So far in 2020, we've launched what is arguably the nation's most comprehensive portfolio of PPE and office sanitisation solutions. We've launched a remarkable new service for delivering VOIP and mobile telephony solutions, as well as the most flexible and original approach to providing top brand-name business laptops for businesses struggling to adapt to 'the new normal.

For each of these breakthroughs, there's opportunity for you too. From personalised branding of the ONLY PPE face masks and snoods, through to working with us in partnership, we aim to be you supplier of choice, today, and for many years to come.

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Over the coming weeks, we' re going to be sending you our special multi-page legal industry brochure, as well as our specially commissioned industry insight reports.

If you'd like to receive digital copies now, just drop us a line by clicking on the download links. 


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Advanced UK understands the needs of the legal industry better than any other UK vendor. Ask us for our special post COVID-19 reports.

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